Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Yanks went with Mussina. They should have gone with Brown.

Last night the Texas Rangers beat the New York Yankees, 8-0. It was awesome!

But, I've come to learn that the Rangers winning or losing is all dependent upon me. I'll explain.

During the American League Division series, the Rangers played the Rays. The first two games were in Florida, and I didn't really watch the games, just checked out the scores after it was over, and we won. The next two games were here, and I watched them, or at least checked the scores pretty regularly, and we lost. The last game was back in Florida, and I didn't watch, and we won.

Now the Rangers are playing the Yankees. During the first game, I had just arrived in Utah for the weekend, and I checked the score very often. We were up 5-0 for most of the game, and then we blew it. The next day, I didn't watch the game, and we won. Last night was game three in New York, and I didn't watch, and we won.

But it's not just baseball I can't watch. I can't watch any sports. On Sunday, when I was in the airport waiting for my flight back to Texas, the Cowboys game was playing, and there was nothing better to do, so I watched. And we lost.

It's a good thing that I'm not a big sports fan, or else, not being able to watch would really suck.

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