Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A euphemism for "I'm ordering a pizza."

This weekend was filled with things that sounded like euphemisms for dirty things, but were not. People actually meant all the things they were saying.

On Friday night, Chris and I went to the Chocolate Maven for dinner. It's the best bakery in Santa Fe. The dinner was ok, but any kind of dessert you get there is amazing, and their bread is fantastic. Their dining room is tiny, and one whole wall is made of floor-to-ceiling windows that look into their giant bakery. I liked watching the giant mixers, like this one. But towards the end of the night, when were trying to decide if we should order dessert, or just get cupcakes or something to take home, this guy came over to the table and started unwrapping block after block of butter. Then our waitress came over and said something we did not expect.

Waitress: Are you guys going to stay and watch him pound the butter?

Us: Um... what?

Apparently at the end of the night, the bakers unwrap about sixty pounds of butter and smash it with this thing that looks kinda like a cross between a rolling pin and a baseball bat. I'm not sure what this accomplishes, but it sounded awesome. Sadly, we were the last people there, and there really wasn't any reason for us to stick around anymore, so we did not get to see him pound the butter.

Then the next night, on Saturday, two of my friends, Tamara and Scott, had their birthday party. They're a boyfriend and girlfriend, and their birthdays are one day (and five years) apart. Isn't that cute? So we all got together. They made lasagna, and garlic bread, and chili. And then for dessert, because apparently Scott's not a big cake guy, we had pie. There was apple and chocolate silk. And Scott made cinnamon ice cream to go with it, but he had tried out the ice cream maker before, and it came out to a pretty custardy texture. So after we finished dinner, Scott stood up and said, "Well, gotta go make the custard."

And every time he said it, someone pointed out how dirty it sounded. All night long.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, too.

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