Friday, September 24, 2010

The Real Paul Anka

So, the other night, I had this bizarre, cracked out dream, and I'm not sure what to make of it. Kat, maybe you can explain your thoughts on this.

In this dream, there's me, my little sister, a random woman from church, and Betty White. Yes, I said Betty White. First off, just the fact that the random woman from church and Betty White were in my dream made me wake up thinking, what kind of odd combination of people is that?

So now onto what happened in the dream. The four of us, along with a throng of others, were on a hockey team. Now, can you imagine Betty White playing hockey? It's like that random snickers commercial where there's Betty White playing football. It's just not rational.

Back to the point. It turns out, that our hockey team is actually pretty good. We're playing these big NHL teams, and beating them. Then we come to discover why we keep winning. It's because Betty White has a magic wand and is putting curses on the other teams before we go out and play, so all she has to do is touch them, and they fall to the ice in pain.

I woke up very confused. I'm not athletic, at all, so why am I suddenly having a dream about playing hockey? And seriously, why is Betty White in it? It's not like I've been watching "The Golden Girls" or anything. But somehow, there she was in my subconscious.

On a side note, last nights episode of The Office cracked me up. Creed was talking about Michael's nephew bad mouthing them on Twitter, and Jim questions Creed following the nephew on twitter, to which Creed says in an interview "Everywhere I look it's Betty White this and Betty White that. Finally a kid who's not talking about Betty White. Of course I follow him." Maybe if I'd had this dream after I'd watched The Office, Betty White would have made more sense. But since the dream happened before that episode, it is still a mystery.

P.S. If anyone, besides Kat, can explain the reference, I'll give you five bucks!


  1. I don't really expect 5 bucks, but I want to take the challenge.

    When you say explain the reference, I'm guessing you want me to explain how the title of this post relates to the cracked out dream?

    (This reminds me of when Lorelai bets Rory money on a phone call and it's Richard and Rory wins...)

    The title refers to Lorelai's dream about the dog Paul Anka meeting the real Paul Anka (where, for a moment, the real Paul Anka is working the cash register at Dosey's Market).


  2. Right.

    Wait, don't most big contests have that stipulation where family members of the contest organizers can't win? Or something? Is Julie allowed to win?

  3. Yeah, sorry Julie, you can't win. You should have read the fine print. (the fine print being, you know me, you know I'm not gonna give you five bucks)