Sunday, November 14, 2010

That's the new Harry Potter on your heads. If they should drop, Harry will die, and there won't be anymore books.

I'm so excited for Harry Potter next weekend! Hoo-lee and I are planning on seeing it at midnight, and it's going to be EPIC! I can't wait.

I was recently looking at the Lego Harry Potter sets, and I think I want all of them. They're just so cool. Hagrid's Hut, The Burrow, (which includes Bellatrix and her wacky hair), The Hogwarts Express, (which has Ron in the flying car), but I think the most awesome is The Hogwarts Castle. Look at the stuff yourself: You know you want to get me one, or all, of those for Christmas. (Ok, maybe not all, cause that would be a wee bit expensive, but you could splurge if you wanted to :) I'm worth it after all)

Hoo-lee recently started reading the first Harry Potter book to the twins. I think they really enjoy it. Maybe now when they're playing my Lego Harry Potter video game they won't ask so many questions.

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  1. I'll get you the giant castle if you'll get me the complete Gilmore Girls DVDs.