Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two are pom poms, one's a pom!

You know, I never thought I'd have a use for that particular Gilmore Girls quote, but lo and behold the opportunity presented itself!

Yesterday, Julie, the twins and I went the Texas Rangers Rally, and they gave out individual red poms for everyone who came. Check it, here are my favorite twins with their poms.

Elvis Andrus, Nelson Cruz, Neftali Feliz, Ian Kinsler, Michael Young and Josh Hamilton were there. Chuck Greenburg and Nolan Ryan were there. Ron Washington and the boy who dressed up like him for Halloween were there. There were giant screens, and they showed highlights of the season. It was really great to be a part of. There were hundreds of fans there, yelling and cheering. So much fun!

Even though the Rangers didn't win the World Series, they still won my heart!

And here's a quote from our friend Kristi Potter. "Congratulations to San Francisco on having their first heterosexual parade in decades."


  1. That's so awesome. I saw Kristi's comment on Facebook. That kid makes me laugh.

    Also? They're totally my favorite twins, too.

  2. title what Lane said in 2x11 when they have the termites. :D