Monday, January 3, 2011

And now the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather

Ok, so it's not the CBS Evening News, but it is time for

....drum roll please...

A guest blogger, namely, my dear older sister, Julie of Coco and Cocoa.

So, my sisters and I and our friend Kat have an overwhelming obsession with Gilmore Girls. My sister Lauren and Kat started a blog devoted to their love of Gilmore Girls called The Devils Starchy Fingers.

And today I get to contribute to their blog! So here it is...

In case you didn’t know, I am Lorelai Gilmore. Yep, me.

So at the mall at work the other day (yeah, I worked at the mall over Christmas. It sucked.) I was going to the bathroom on my break and there was this woman in there with her two kids. A daughter, and well, not a daughter. Which would have been fine if the not daughter was 2, 3, 4, or 5. Because at those ages they hopefully wont remember when they are older. (Like when they are 40). But this not daughter was easily 10 or more. The mother wasn’t very tall (I’m not very tall and she was shorter than me). The not daughter (aka son) came up to my shoulders and a little taller on her. Why o’ why o’ why???

Now, I admit, I have had some bad experiences sending my twin boys to the men’s restroom. There was the time one of them had an accident in the stall at the mall and wouldn’t come out. And I stood in the hall crying because I couldn’t figure out how to get him. Finally some nice woman walked into the bathroom and yelled at all the men to zip it up because a Mom was coming in to get her son. And then I did. And then there’s the fact that the boys seem to take FOREVER in the bathrooms sometimes, and I stand there listening to them playing in the sinks and singing. But I figure all of that is better than the trauma of them coming into the women’s restroom with me. But apparently that would be considered modesty, which according to Lorelai, “went punk”.

From the Gilmore Girls transcript
Outside of the Restrooms at the Harvard Yale Game during season 4
PENNILYN: Of course there's a line. Why wouldn't there be?
LORELAI: You know, you kind of want to hang out here anyhow.
PENNILYN: Why is that?
LORELAI: Some woman just took her forty-year-old son in there.
LORELAI: He might not be forty, but the images he's gathering up in there will last until he gets there.
PENNILYN: Why do women do that?
LORELAI: I don't know.
PENNILYN: When I was growing up, there was such a thing as modesty. I suppose that's not in fashion now.
LORELAI: Nope, modesty went punk.

And for exhibit 2 that I am Lorelai Gilmore.

The twins, the baby, my sisters, and I all went shopping after Christmas with some of our Christmas cash. By the time we left store number 1 one sister and the twins each had a bag of stuff. After store number 2 both sisters had bags and one of the twins had 2 bags. And me? Nada, nothing, zilch. Just like Lorelai.

From the Gilmore Girls transcript
Rory and Lorelai exit a clothing shop and begin walking down the street.
RORY: If I still want that sweater in twenty minutes I'm coming back to get it.
LORELAI: Okay, wait. What is wrong with this picture?
RORY: Huh?
LORELAI: You - look at you. An armful of bags and a potential twenty-minute sweater on the way, and look at me. Completely bagless.
RORY: Relax, the day's still young.
LORELAI: There are no more clothes out there for me. The Lorelai look is over. I wish someone had told me.
RORY: That would've helped.

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  1. How did I fail to hear the story about one of the twins in the mall restroom? Life is certainly full of adventures.....