Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Every song is the same. The same two notes. How does that happen?

So, it's three days before Christmas, and I am sick of the Christmas commercials. I realize the best solution would be to stop watching television and go read a book or something. Especially since everything on right now is either junk or reruns of stuff I've already seen. But what else am I supposed to do while I knit? Plus, we lent all our Harry Potter DVDs to Ko, because he admitted he had only seen the first one, and I couldn't accept that. So I can't even put those on again.

I'm just tired of seeing the same four commercials over and over. Perfume, jewelry, cars, Target. Rinse and repeat. Blargh.

And just for fun, every now and then, they throw in an obnoxious snuggie commercial. The ones with the people singing stupid versions of songs with the word snuggie crowbarred in there. I especially can't stand that one girl that has the solo line. She's trying so hard, and I imagine she's some kid who's been trying to get ahead in musical theater her whole life, and she probably feels like this is a big break for her. Sorry, musical theater girl, but I can't stand you or your commercial.

Am I always this cynical, or do you think the holidays are bringing it out in me? It doesn't help knowing that you will already be off tomorrow, while I am at work, doing all the stuff I didn't get around to today. Boo.

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  1. I'm a bit bah humbug-y this year, too. I've been working at the mall this week listening to crappy radio Christmas music. Thinking every day "why do they play the same bad Christmas songs OVER AND OVER AND OVER!" And why are so many Christmas songs either (a) depressing or (b) not really Christmas songs (like My Favorite things from The Sound of Music)?